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Lawton, OK, is currently looking for a job as a Food Service Specialist at the Oklahoma Department of Public Health and Human Services (ODHHS) in Lawton, Oklahoma.

The Food Service Specialist family of professionals comprises four levels, which are characterized by the necessary expertise to perform the assigned tasks, the assigned responsibilities and the ability to impart other leadership qualities. Career levels include positions where employees are assigned tasks related to preparing and serving meals in government hospitals, schools, facilities or institutions. This position is responsible for carrying out tasks relating to the preparation, preparation and service of meals prepared and served in the State Hospital, school, institutions or institutions. The experience required cannot be replaced by experience in other positions within the Department of Public Health and Human Services (ODHHS).

Certified officers may be required to attend the academy along with non-certified recruits, depending on the needs of the service.

For more information, visit or call the Police Personnel Management Unit at (405) 888-467-6200. If you have any questions about law enforcement or other job opportunities, please call us at 405 - 872 - 5555.

Applications can be received through Lawton Police's Human Resources Management Office at (405) 888-872-5555. Applications can also be blocked by filing a Ringling Bros. and Co., Inc. application form or downloading from All applications will be accepted by the end of the first week of January 2017 at 10: 00 a.m. You can submit your application to the police department or any law enforcement agency.

Applications can be received at Lawton Police's Human Resources Office at (405) 888-872-5555 or at any law enforcement agency.

Interested parties must submit a CV and a copy of their current application form. Applicants can call (918) 486-2189 or contact Tom Tillotson at Lawton Police Personnel Office at (405) 888-872-5555 or any law enforcement agency. Applications and CVs can also be sent to the City Manager's Office at City Hall, 515 N. Main Street, Lawon, Oklahoma City, Okla. Applications can be submitted in person or by e-mail to the City Manager's office in the Mayor's or City's office.

The on-site interview and evaluation will take place in the week of 27 April 2009. Applications will be accepted by the city until Monday, April 30, 2008, 8 a.m.

G.E.D. applications will be available from March 30 to May 8, 2009, 8 a.m. Applicants must be 21 years old, have a valid Oklahoma driver's license at the time of employment, have at least one year of accredited college hours, and have been or are a graduate or student at a public or private college in the state of Oklahoma. All applicants must have or have a bachelor's degree or higher from a private or public university or preferred G & D / D college in Oklahoma or the United States of America or a state or federal university. All applicants are or are under 21 years old and own / have An Oklahoma driver's license with a license plate that includes more than 10,000 hours of accredited college hours.

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Sallisaw City Council will accept applications for the position of police officer at Lawton Police. We have a number of employment opportunities for law enforcement agencies that we would like to publish on the CLEET website. Please include further information when applying, which you will receive from applicants who are not familiar with the locals. Information will be provided to them immediately after the closure date and time at the request of a public authority.

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Police officers who successfully complete basic college and receive a CLEET certificate as a full-time police officer will receive an additional $1,200, which will increase to $3,000 upon successful completion of probation.