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Once on the outskirts of the city, Cameron University was taken over by the growing Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the state's largest and most populous city.

Lawton is the largest community in southwest Oklahoma and is located on the eastern edge of the Ozark Mountains and the Ouachita Mountains, the two largest mountains in the state. Lawton is about 2,000 miles from the Mississippi River and was the first city in Oklahoma with a population of more than 1.5 million people. The east of Oklahoma is prairie, bordered to the east by Arkansas and Missouri, and rises northeast of both the Arkansas River and its tributaries, rising from east to west and north to south, east and west to northeast, southeast and northwest over the Okeechobee River, with the Osage Mountains to the north and east, southwest to southwest and southeast, and north to south. In the east - center of Oklahoma the general slope is down, but the plains are flat, interrupted here and there by some small hills, such as the Red River Valley, Oklahoma City or the Oklahoma River.

This is a fascinating museum to see during your Lawton adventure, and it is a great favorite among students.

If you want to learn about foreign cities, cultures and heritage, visit the Museum of the Great Plains when you come to Lawton. This historic building is also full of beautiful artwork that depicts the history of Oklahoma and its people from its beginnings to the present day. There are a number of fascinating museum attractions that revolve around air defense in Oklahoma and the country in general.

This fort dates back to 1869 and is the only post built during the Indian Wars of the late 19th century and still used by the US Army. Visit the original barracks and guard houses and learn more about the beginnings of this fortress as a border post.

During the Civil War, Fort Sill, originally known as Camp Wichita, was founded by General Philip Sheridan in January 1869. Parker was appointed by the federal government to head the entire Comanche people and later became a successful rancher in Cache, Oklahoma, before he died in 1911.

After Tillman County was founded, parts of the county were taken over to complement the Grady, Jefferson and Stephens areas. In 1910, the short-lived Swanson County was founded, a small county with just over 1,000 residents.

Under the Medicine Lodge Treaty of 1867, Kiowa, Comanche and Apache were assigned a district that included what is now Comanches County. In exchange for the land allotted to them and the large pasture that had been abandoned, this area was opened to non-Indian settlers. Local recreational facilities include the Wichita Mountains, Wichita Mountain National Park, a state park and a golf course.

The Lawton Heritage Association is a nonprofit organization organized under the laws of the state of Oklahoma. Activities range from a free concert to tricks - tricks cowboys can use to tell stories to give participants an insight into our culture and history of Oklahoma. The Chuck Wagon is available for $10 per person or $20 for a family of four. A group of local musicians, musicians and dancers from the Oklahoma City area will perform for 90 minutes before finishing the activities on Saturday. The winners and their poems are available on the Internet at

Throughout its history, the city has largely built its economy on Fort Sill, which has been run continuously by the US Army since 1869. Through years of working together, Lawton and FortSill have worked to become one of the best military communities in the country.

One block from the Comanche Museum is the Fort Sill Museum, a multifaceted place that covers the history of the area. This year, the Bridge Program has included a series of special events at the Lawton Museum of Art, as well as a variety of other events. Most recently, this series was represented with the first exhibition "Bridges to the Future" at the Lawtons Museum.

Jewish community and preserves Holocaust and Judaism related artifacts, as well as a collection of artefacts from the Lawton Museum of Art.

Lawton is also home to the Great Plains Museum, sponsored by a nonprofit, and the city offers cultural enjoyment through various art shows, including the Spring Art Festival. The capital has prominent theater companies from across Oklahoma; in Tulsa, the American Theater Company is the oldest resident professional company in Oklahoma. The Tulsa Theater is one of several theaters in Oklahoma City and the largest theater in North America.

Oklahoma County-based companies and other R & D firms must be in the Opportunity Zone to qualify for the program. The university is expanding its physical campus with online student classes that will be broadcast to multiple locations across Oklahoma with ONENET, as well as the creation of a new online library.

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More About Lawton