Lawton Oklahoma Embassy Suites Hotel

Champion Hotels has completed extensive renovations to the Lawton Oklahoma Embassy Suites Hotel, restarting the once popular conference business on the site. The new hotel, the first of its kind in the Oklahoma City area, features a state-of-the-art fitness center, guest laundry, a full-service bar, restaurant and express parking.

The hotel's 99 suites feature a fully equipped kitchen with a full-service restaurant, a fitness center, a gym, laundry service and express parking. Comfort Suites offers 84 rooms, including suites, hotel rooms and rooms with private balconies, and 74 suites with pool, spa, gym, pool house and wellness facilities. SpringHill Suits has 80 suites, which are offered in four sizes: two - bedroom, three - bed, four - room and five - suite.

The main attraction of the estate is the 10,000 square meter ballroom, which can accommodate up to 825 people for dinner. On the first floor there is also a small room that can accommodate up to 40 people for dinner, and also bars for smaller rooms, such as a one, two and three-bed room.

Rooms are limited to one person per person or persons in the same group, and there is no desk, meaning you will need to use the dining table for any type of business. It may be that a COVID 19 virus is in progress, but it may be that this is the policy of the hotel. I asked one of them to clean up after my work and they said no, maybe because I was going through COID 19 and things like that.

When you arrive back at the hotel, imagine you would like a hot tub for a swim at the end of your adventure. If you don't want to accidentally meet someone you don't know in a crowded hot pool, you should arrive early. Even better, book a private room to really relax in your own room.

You know you want a hot tub, but perhaps your wish list also includes a local hotspot that the friendly staff can suggest. Take a look at other travelers "reviews and discover how others have used Hotwire to reach a fantastic Lawton hotel with a hot tub.

The location of the hotel is convenient to the Interstate and if you are interested, it is a place you can visit and you will hear little traffic. Rooms on I-44 are interstate facing and the ramp to the interstate may be a minute away from the hotel, but the Fort Sill Gate may be five minutes away. Both hotels are right next to each other, so I have hardly heard anything about traffic in recent years.

The mountain visit was easy and took less than 30 minutes from our destination to visit a family member. To get to the airport that is needed (if anyone reads this, I say this, but there are two supermarkets and one for food), we would drive through the city.

It is fun to visit a new place, but you have to be aware that there are also difficulties, especially for those of us who have limited knowledge of the area.

When we arrived for our first night with nine people, almost everything was disinfected, although some things looked dirty. Later in the day, when we returned to our room, we noticed that the room had been cleaned a bit but disinfected. When the fifth night of our stay was over, I saw a man cleaning the rooms in the hallway and asked about the guy who entered our rooms every day. At the check-in, I was told that they had been cleaning for the first four nights of their stay and were behaving until the fourth night and then again after the sixth night.

The room just above the elevator was given to me And I was told it was the only room available

I used the gym at four in the morning, and it was clean at that time, but on the third day I used it, the supply of cloth towels there had gone from zero to probably a dozen or more on the shelf. The two towel hooks were not attached to the wall or door, so I had to keep my towel from falling off them.

There were two air conditioners in the hotel room, but the thermostat in the bedroom did not work and I had to use the air conditioner control.

There was a table and two chairs in the area, but the table sat on a tile floor while a chair stood on the kitchen side. In the living room there was a hidden bed with a chair to sit on and a couch on it. One of the chairs was on the kitchen side, the other chairs were carpeted.

I saw the living room steaming and water leftovers on the double glazing. The chair had a wheel that made it very difficult to maneuver it over the carpet.

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More About Lawton