Lawton Oklahoma Homewood Suites

When I arrived for my first stay of nine nights, almost everything was detoxified, except for some things that looked dirty. After checking in, I was told they had a dry cleaning service until the fifth night of my stay was over. Later in the day, when I returned to my room, I noticed that it was cleaned a bit, but not to the extent I expected. When the fourth night passed and I spent my fifth day of stay, I saw a man cleaning the room in the hallway and asked if he had entered the room during the day.

The I-44 room is on the Interstate and the hotel is adjacent to the Interstate so I could hardly hear any traffic. There's an off-ramp from the interstate to my hotel, maybe a minute away, but I'm 44 and my room is on the interstate, and the traffic is barely audible.

By the way, the gate to Fort Sill in my case is maybe five minutes away, but if you are interested, it is about an hour and a half away. It is easy to ride a mountain bike, drive less than 30 minutes to the destination and visit with family members.

As someone who has stayed at this property before, I must say that if anyone reads this, the location of this hotel is a place to visit due to the convenience of the interstate. To get to the airport, which is needed if someone reads this, you would drive across the city, but there are two supermarkets, one for food and the other for groceries. I'm not sure what to do. M: Surely others have told you the same thing about Fort Sill Air Force Base in Oklahoma City.

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It could be the COVID-19 virus or it could simply be that there are two air conditioners in the hotel room. The living room has a hidden bed and a chair to sit on, but the bedroom has no air conditioning, no heating and no ventilation, not even a fan. There are no policies in this hotel, so it could be a COID 21 virus or something, I guess.

There is a chair on the kitchen side and there is a table and two chairs in the area, but the table sits on a tile floor while the other chairs are on the living room side with carpet. There is no air conditioning, no heating and no ventilation, not even a fan in this hotel.

The thermostat on the air conditioner in the bedroom does not work and the control for the air conditioner is used. The chairs do not have wheelchairs, which makes it very difficult to maneuver the chairs over the carpet.

The two towel hooks are not fixed to the wall behind the door and the towels keep falling off them. The gym is used at four in the morning and is always clean, but on the third day I used it, the amount of cloth towels there had gone from zero to probably a dozen or more on the shelf. I used a very low outlet to charge my camera battery.

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More About Lawton