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Comanche Nation Casino has opened a new burger joint zone in Lawton, Oklahoma, to serve its own - your - options. The American Indian Casino is located on East Cache Creek, which provides a picturesque backdrop to the historic downtown area and the Comanches. The Comancha Nation in Lawton is home to its casino and is located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the Oklahoma State Capitol. Indian restaurants and has a rating of 3 out of 50 stars on Yelp, with a rating of 3.5 stars for its food and a 4.2 star score on its website.

To keep things fun, the casino offers regular promotions and special offers, has a rewarding club for players and offers a wide range of other attractions to make the most of. Take a look at the many - diverse - other attractions here to see for yourself. If a Silver Spoon employee reads this review, please consider placing an ad (reservation required), or you need a formal hearing (rather annoyed).

You should understand that it is an honor for customers to choose and pay for the high-quality culinary experience you offer them. If so, I advise you to invest in staff training and to train staff to be courteous, respectful and sensitive to customers.

If you're looking for cheap accommodation, check out the 10 hotels and other accommodation options that you can find within 1.5 km. If you're looking for something to see and do in the area, check out the Fort Sill Museum of the Great Plains. Most people are currently attracted to the casino, but they are missing it.

See # 57 Comanche Nation Casino, ranked 8th on Tripadvisor among 14 attractions in Lawton and # 8 in Oklahoma State. Tropicana Casino Resort in Atlantic City is located at the intersection of Interstate 35 and I-35, just a few miles south of the Fort Sill Museum.

It is open from 11 a.m. to midnight, but closed on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday mornings for the purpose of clearing the Minutes. It is open until midnight on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and closed on Tuesday and Wednesday due to a refurbished protocol. They are open on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Tuesdays evening and closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays for renovation work.

My husband and I were visiting and after a few minutes of waiting, an employee came by and asked the other family, with whom we had a reservation, to wait with us. Finally a lady who appeared as the manager came to us and asked us again if we were ready to make our reservation. Of course, the majority of the waiting guests left the restaurant and found other options for eating.

We waited another 10 minutes before another employee came by and asked us again if we had a reservation. We replied that we could take a seat, but it would take at least 15 minutes for all tables to be reserved. At that point we waited almost 30 minutes and it didn't make sense because 70% of our table was empty. For example, most casinos in comanche nation make a proposal for a deposit of $25 or a bonus dollar.

I travel for a living and often post reviews on Trip Advisor, but this is the only negative review I have ever written.

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More About Lawton